The Rockstar Coach

Guiding and Supporting you to Transformation


I always knew I was different. I never felt like I fit in. I liked all people and even if they were mean, I felt for them.

I was an "ugly" cheerleader - no really. I was in drama and on the flag line in the marching band. I loved creative writing. I took piano lessons and sang in church. I was all over the place. I had a lot of talents and interests and it was hard for me to narrow down who I was and what I wanted to do. 

Fast forward to moving to Nashville for music and building a successful real estate business. "I" hadn't changed but the world had. The world told me I had to choose. I had to decide who I was going to be. So I decided to give the world the middle finger and be ME.


I am a ROCKSTAR. A rockstar intuitive and a rockstar coach. I excel at guiding others to the answers they are seeking and to the life they want to live. I excel in ideas for business and the strategies to implement them. I excel at seeing the real you and clearing out what is holding you back from your desires. Yes, I can do it all. I'm a ROCKSTAR. And so are you!

Don't just take my word for it though...

The Rockstar Coach

“Out of my 25+ years in business, I wish that I had invested in myself and company sooner. I can now see myself growing in ways I didn't know were available to me before.”

Business Owner, CEO

The Rockstar Coach

“I felt the progress within myself after the very first session. Michelle taught me how to trust myself, my energy and my attitudes. With my walls down, I found my true self.”


The Rockstar Coach

“This has opened up hope and belief in me that change is possible! Also, the belief that whatever it is we are yearning for in our lives, is worth taking that risk because if we believe, it is definitely possible.”

Real Estate Broker