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I am Michelle. I am an intuitive life and business coach. I believe everything works together. When everything in our life seems to be running smoothly, (in alignment) life is good. When one thing shifts, it affects every other aspect - whether positively or negatively.

I support and guide others into aligning with their purpose and making those positive shifts that will affect all other aspects of their lives. Whether you want a better relationship, a more successful business, more connection in the Spiritual realm or just want to live a fulfilling life, you can do it!

If you would like support, reach out. It may begin with an intuitive reading. It may evolve into coaching. You may want to explore the Akashic Records or learn at your own pace through one of my online courses. However I may be of service to you or someone you love, it is my desire to share Light and Love with all.

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  • Do you wake up feeling like it's Groundhog Day?
  • Do you want off the hamster wheel?
  • Are you longing for something more in life?
  • Do you lack direction?


  • Do you want to wake up to a life you love living?
  • Do you secretly want it ALL?
  • Do you want to know your purpose? 



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