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Living in the Moment - Huh?

If you’re in this world today, you have heard the term “living in the moment.” It sounds good and a little woo-woo, but what does it actually mean and how do we do it? I will break it down as I have channeled it and how it was given to me.

The Past:

We have lived many years on this planet, even many lifetimes. We have loved. We have lost. We have succeeded. We have failed. We have experienced joy. We have experienced regret. Our past doesn’t just get erased from our brains. So, what do we do with it? We learn. We learn what we want more of. We learn what we don’t want any longer. We learn what worked and what didn’t. We learn how to treat ourselves and others. We learn that we can use our experiences to grow in a positive way. To expand our current experience into something we are proud of and happy in.

But what happens when we “live in the past?” We tend to become disheartened, sad, remorseful, even depressed. Either because the positive experiences we had are not our current reality or we live in regret because of choices we made that we wish we hadn’t. Either way, we are right that our past shapes our current reality. Every present moment of now is the next moment’s past. Therefore, when we focus on what it is we desire as our reality, it will shape our present and be brought into our future reality.

The Future:

Most of us have goals, aspirations and dreams. We have plans for our career. We aspire to certain levels of success. We may dream of a certain relationship, income level or lifestyle. It’s good to focus on what we want to create for ourselves. It serves us well to envision the life we want to live in detail so the Universe hears our heart. This is a very important step in manifesting. The more specific we are about what it is that we want, the more energy flows to that desire and the quicker we become a vibrational match for it.

These are all necessary practices to create the life we desire, however, what happens when we “live in the future?” We don’t get anything done! We are distracted. We sit and dream. We may get excited about the dream we envision but we can also get impatient and frustrated that it isn’t in our physical reality yet. We do want to focus on what’s not here yet in order to manifest a new reality, however, we have to do more than just dream about it. That’s where the present comes in.

The Present:

This is our now. Our current reality. It is the life we are living now that has been shaped by our past and is creating our future. This is a beautiful space where we get to use the lessons we have learned and the dreams that we have to take inspired action. This is where we take steps to get us where we want to go by using the wisdom we have gained from our past and the inspiration of our future.

What happens when we are “living in the moment?” We are present. We feel secure. We have confidence. We find joy. We understand that whatever challenge we are experiencing is temporary and it, too, will be something to learn from that will shape us and help us gain even more knowledge that we can use in our future. When we live in the moment we can have peace, knowing that we aren’t missing out on anything that we are meant to experience.

So, where do you want to live?

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