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Dr. Doctor, Give me the News

I recently had a very intelligent conversation with a highly educated friend. We were discussing the differences between pharmaceutical doctors, holistic practitioners, and spiritual healers. The interesting commonality was not what one might expect. Not all of them want to heal people, just like not all people want to be healed. You might question why someone who goes to a doctor would not want to be healed. The answer is, it is hard. “What?” you might ask. It’s not hard to take a pill or get a therapy and walk away without the physical malady. Well, while this might be true, in most cases, it doesn’t actually eradicate the issue. It’s simply masks it, puts a Band-Aid on it, or suppresses it for a time. In a lot of cases, the issue returns. Have you ever wondered why people can go through very invasive cancer treatments, they are “cancer free” for years and then have it return to their body? The answer is, there is responsibility on the individual to make changes. Not all of those changes are physical, however, and often get overlooked. How can a seemingly picture of health person drop dead? The answer is, they weren’t healthy and it may not have had anything to do with their physical health.

Have I blown your mind yet or have you stopped reading? If you are still here, I’m grateful. Not because you are reading what I wrote, but because you have some sort of interest in the topic at hand, which likely means you may believe or have questioned whether all physical ailments are actually able to be healed by medicine alone.

You see, if you have followed me for any time at all, you know how much emphasis I give on mindset, beliefs, and inner work. I do believe that most – yes, I said MOST – of our physical chronic illnesses, diseases and conditions are brought on by us. Yep. Oh boy, this is getting controversial. Are you still here? Our minds are VERY powerful. We don’t truly even know what it is capable of – what we are capable of. A lot of people can get behind this thought but it’s typically in the context of the good that we can do for ourselves and others – our potential in a positive aspect. But isn’t the opposite, then, true?

Most people don’t enjoy being sick. They don’t wish for illness to befall them. And when it does happen, the majority of Americans go to the drug store or the doctor. If the issue is more than what a simple medicine can “cure,” there may be a treatment program, a surgery, a physical therapy regimen, etc. that will be suggested. What happens if these protocols are ignored and nothing is done? You don’t get better, and more than likely, you get worse.

Some practitioners may suggest a medicine or herb as well as changes to lifestyle. A lot of people are willing to take the pill but they don’t want to change their diet or make any physical or environmental changes. So, they live with a chronic illness that may have been eradicated completely by what they are exposing themselves to. Why? Why would anyone say they want to be well but not actually make the changes that would fix the problem? Because it’s not easy.

We live in a fast food society. One of quick-fixes and a get rich quick mentality. In order to be well, you must be willing to do the work and that is directly related to your mind, your mental stability and strength. I’m not saying that for some things, a medicine is not a good option, but I do believe there is more to it than that. Why did you get sick in the first place? What is the real cause of the illness, disease, addiction, pain, or injury?

I have several personal friends that have cured themselves of cancers and other serious conditions. WITHOUT drugs. I’m not saying this always needs to be the go-to, but learning to take a step back, research, listen to our body and more than just one professional’s opinion on treatment options. Yes, we want to get better. But there is another step. Staying better. We can get rid of the symptoms and/or the illness but if we don’t get to the root cause, it will come resurface in some way.

Just like physical therapy, mental therapy isn’t easy. It hurts. Not many people wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “I can’t wait to have a breakdown today. I am excited to dig up the past and go back to that negative feeling.” But when we do the hard work and get the core – and then heal it, we can actually let go of it and make the changes necessary to insure it doesn’t return.

I know there are varying opinions on this. I am not saying that everything can be cured by mindset work but I do know that a pill alone is not going to fix most chronic issues and if we go deeper, we can either actually cure ourselves or keep the issue from returning. It is certainly not a substitute for medical consultation, but remember whose body it is and we tend to know it better than anyone else so if something doesn’t feel or sound right, take a step back and get more information!

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