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Barney – You know, the Purple Dinosaur…

I love you. You love me. You’re singing now, aren’t you? I didn’t even have children and I know that song – LOL

It’s a great teaching – to love others. But what about loving yourself? I hear so often that people are exhausted. They GIVE so much. They give to their job. They give to their kids. They give to their partner. They give to their friends. What I don’t hear about as often is people giving to themselves.

It sounds counterintuitive to put ourselves first, however, if we are empty, are we really giving our best to anyone or anything else? When we take the time to fill our energy tank, we are better. We do better. When we focus on ourselves and our needs, we may even find that some of the giving we’re doing is unnecessary. Are we giving or our we enabling? Are we giving or are we controlling? Ouch. Did I hit something there?

When we take time for ourselves it also teaches others how to treat us, how to have boundaries, and gives them permission to do the same. When we do something for ourselves without anyone else involved, it reminds us that we are valuable. We are worthy of a time out. We are worthy of giving ourselves a break.

Who cares if the dishes are in the sink? What will happen if they are still there tomorrow? I have a lot of real estate agent followers due to being licensed for so long. A lot of agents are guilty of blaming the market or their business (and their clients) as to why they can’t ever take time away or put their phone down. Some wear it as a badge of honor. I heard recently, “I always answer my phone” like it was something to be rewarded. I know another agent who literally slept with his phone so he could respond to website leads that came in all hours of the day and night – I’m not kidding.

See, our society – and some industries – has programmed us that if we aren’t available for anyone and everyone else 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that we will miss out on something. We will not be successful. We will suffer. We will be broke, and we will have to go “get a real job” (I joke). This is a whole topic that I could go on for days about but I will spare you the soapbox.

I promise you, you will be much better at your job, for your clients, for your friends, for your family, if you give yourself some time to recharge. Take time for yourself. Love yourself first and watch your mindset, your health, and your world change for the better. I dare you :)

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