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As a kid, I had an imaginary friend. I "heard" things. I "knew" things. I "saw" things. Then I buried those gifts that I got from my grandmother because I didn't understand them and they scared me.

I lived my life as a very successful real estate broker, building businesses, coaching agents and receiving high-level coaching myself. I lived out my passion for music on stage every chance I got. I should have felt like I had it all. But I didn't. There was something missing. My purpose.

So, in 2018, I changed it all. I made some hard decisions and I started living life for myself. Part of that was truly embracing who I am. I opened back up to my gifts and expanded them even more. Now I use those gifts and the years of experience in life and business to guide others to transformation into living their ROCKSTAR life.



To use my intuitive gifts, business and life experience as well as education to guide others into life transformation.


I believe we all have the power and ability to manifest the life we desire. I believe in living life with no regrets. I believe that finding our purpose and living it is the greatest of all accomplishments.

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